Busi­ness Model

The Viridium Group continues the management of closed life insurance portfolios permanently and reliably.



As a specialised insurance portfolio manager, the Viridium Group broadens the scope of action of companys and creates added value for the policy holders.



The Viridium Group was originally established by a joint venture of Cinven and Hannover Re in 2013/2014 and was structured after the holding principle.



Good corporate governance is in the interest of shareholders, policy holders and the staff members of Viridium Group.



An experienced team is steering the expansion course of the Viridium Group carefully and sustainably.



You want to make a difference. We do as well. You have clear ideas about what you want to achieve. Like we do.

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Key Figures Of Viridium Group *

  • around 65 bil. Euro
    Assets under Management
  • approx. 3,6 million
    administered insurance policies
  • more than 800


Heidelberger Lebensversicherung AG, founded in 1991, is a specialist in retirement planning, surviving dependants and risk planning products with a focus on unit-linked solutions. As of end-2021, the company manages a total of 488,000 policies and assets of around 13.7 billion euros.

Heidelberger Lebensversicherung AG ceased new business in 2014 and, as part of Viridium Group, has since then concentrated exclusively on existing customers and their needs. 

Entis Life Insurance is part of Viridium Group, the leading specialist in the efficient management of life insurance portfolios. It manages just under 66,000 life insurance policies of the former Mannheimer Lebensversicherung AG, which Viridium Group acquired from Protektor Lebensversicherungs-AG in August 2017. As a voluntary rescue company for German life insurers, Protektor had taken over the insurance portfolio of Mannheimer Lebensversicherung in 2003 and managed it since then. As of end-2021, Entis Lebensversicherung manages assets of approximately 1.6 billion euros.

Founded in Sweden in 1855, Skandia has been active on the German market in the sector of unit-linked provision products since 1991. As of end-2021, the company serves about 210,000 life insurance policies and assets of 5,7 billion euros. In 2013, Skandia Lebensversicherung ceased new business. Since 2014 part of Viridium Group Skandia focuses exclusively on the needs of its existing customers.

Proxalto Lebensversicherung AG is a specialist for the traditional management of life insurance contracts based on guarantees. As of end-2021, the portfolio comprises about three million policies with assets amounting to 45 billion euros.
In 2018 – still under the name of Generali Lebensversicherung – Proxalto Lebensversicherung ceased writing new business and has since then been concentrating on existing customers and their needs. Since April 2019, Generali Leben is a member of Viridium Group, the leading specialist in the efficient management of life insurance portfolios.


*as of end of 2022